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You know it's been too long since you've written and posted a blog post if you've already made another international trip following your last trip that you haven't written about. 2020 is a new year and I hope to write more this year - not just blog posts about my travels, but overall including journaling. I think writing is a great escape from the real world. And coming from someone who has poor memory, it is super helpful when it comes to remembering things - including trips and life events.

Budapest was an affordable, walkable city with lots of history. The weather was not too bad for May, with brief showers that came and went. The weather was mild enough to just wear a denim jacket and a light scarf (if needed). Highly recommend carrying a small umbrella with you just to be safe as the hotel ones are large and they often run out of them.

Traveling as a solo female, this was a city where it was safe to venture around by myself during the day and at night. I generally don't go out too late or drink too much when I am traveling alone, but have heard many great things about the Ruin Pub Crawls. The currency they use is the HUF and I was able to easily get money out from one of the many street ATMs the city offers, just make sure it is in a good area and secure. I have Capital One, which is amazing considering they don't charge a foreign transaction fee!

Places to See/Things to Do ✴

o Szimpla Kert

o Váci Street - shopping!

o Central Market Hall - I am not a huge fan of foie gras and I feel bad for the duckies, but this seemed like a very popular destination to buy foie gras at a good price. The shops located upstairs were perfect if you are looking for any souvenirs.

o Fisherman's Bastion (Halászbástya)

o Hungarian Parliament Building - make sure you check online to see if they are open before you go! They were closed for tours the day I planned to go, but I did get a lovely view of the Parliament Building from across the way at Fisherman's Bastion

o Széchenyi Chain Bridge

o Heroes' Square

o Thermal Baths (Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas, the list goes on!)

o Shoes on the Danube Bank

o Liberty Bridge

o Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

o New York Palace Hotel

o Ruins Bars - old abandoned buildings are turned into bars with beautiful, eclectic decor. The drinks are also cheap and it's a cool place to hang out!

Restaurants/Foods to Try 🍴

o London Coffee Society - this was a small coffee shop/breakfast/lunch spot near the Continental Hotel where I stayed. While I didn't have a meal there, I will have to say that their Chocolate Nutella loaf is to DIE FOR and homemade. My mouth still waters when I think about it today. I've tried to find a replica recipe online and it just isn't the same.

o Vicky Barcelona

o Street Food Karavan

o Veritas Winebar o Gettó Gulyás - great for traditional Hungarian food. I had to try Goulash, which was a perfect starter. I asked the waiter for a recommendation that I should try and he suggested Hortobágyi palacsinta- a traditional, savory Hungarian crepe that was filled with mushrooms and flavored with a paprika sauce and sour cream drizzle. They put paprika in the majority of their traditional dishes!

o Mazel Tov

I've been in Astoria for the last 6.5 years, so of course it's in my nature to get excited when I travel abroad to see anything branded with Astoria haha.

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