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Genoa is definitely an underrated gem city in Italy. When first planning a trip to Italy, I feel like Genoa is not always the top on the list – if it even makes the list at all. When picking the cities I wanted to visit, I knew I wanted to see Genoa, even if it was for a short period of time.

I arrived early in the morning on one of the first trains from Milan and got in around 9am. The main train station in Genoa was central and made it easy for me to navigate the city. I pre-purchased my train tickets online, but I suggest just checking train times on the website and then booking when you are at the station so you aren’t limited to what time your tickets are for because plans do end up changing. I thought I wanted to spend the entire day in Genoa, but eventually I got bored (I know .. shame) and hopped on a train to Santa Margherita/Portofino (wait for my next post!).

Places to See/Things to Do ✴

- Musei de Strada Nuova – I really wanted to check this out since it was once home to a wealthy family. It’s three palazzos in one, just filled with beautiful art. But alas, I forgot and missed my opportunity. But don’t forget to add it to your list!

- Royal Palace – I was so bummed they were closed on Sundays, as that was when my day trip was planned. They have a stunning Hall of Mirrors that is reminiscent of the one in Versailles, more like a mini/Italian version.

- Genoa Cathedral, Cathedral of Saint Lawrence – This was my favorite church out of all the ones I’ve seen in Italy! I stumbled upon it when I was roaming around Genoa and it just had so much beautiful character that made it stand out above the rest. I was obsessed with the striped stairs and the pink/gray façade. Not only was the outward appearance beautiful – the interior had a beautiful appearance as well. I would highly recommend.

- Chiesa del Gesú – I didn’t go into this church, but right outside of it – there was a flea market! I found these beautiful, vintage postcards there. I bargained a little since I bought multiple, but there was a little language barrier. I was okay with spending whatever they were selling it to me for.

- La Casa di Colombo - The house of Cristoforo Colombo. Historical documents indicate that Columbus lived here between 1455 and 1470.

Restaurants/Foods to Try 🍴

- Pesto alla Genovese – a classic! This is where pesto originated!

- Genoa Salami – It is believed to have originated in Genoa, but I did not try it. It’s hard traveling alone and ordering a ton of food. You feel guilty if you can’t finish it and have to throw it out.

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