📍 Santa Margherita & Portofino | Italy

Visiting these two cities was one of the top highlights of my Italy trip. I originally planned to stay an entire day in Genoa, but felt as if I had spent enough time there after a few hours. I pulled out my phone – looked at a map and googled which city I can get to on the train easily from Genoa. It wasn’t long until I came across Santa Margherita. And one of my favorite bloggers was in town on holiday there at the same time! Unfortunately, I did not run into her – but I was able to discover two beautiful cities.

Portofino is a quick trip from Santa Margherita. You can get there by ferry, taxi or bus – but the best option is to take the 40 min to 1 hour walk and enjoy the views. You are just walking along the sea for most of the way and there are also some trails that people like to hike if they are looking for more exercise. Portofino is smaller than Santa Margherita, but still a nice place to visit and soak in the sights. There was a cute street filled with stores (some designer) for shopping along with gift shops. It also provided a beautiful backdrop for photos. It was a super tiny town – so only stayed for about an hour to check it out.

I didn’t gather any recommendations because I’d love to plan a trip back to the Ligurian Sea for some sun during the summertime. The weather here was amazing in early October where there were a good number of people sunbathing on the beaches and swimming in the sea without being overwhelmed by other tourists.

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