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I often get asked how I choose the places I decide to travel to. If you can see from my last couple solo trips, I bounce around in a short amount of time. For this trip, I picked Stockholm as my primary destination because I really wanted to see the metro stations. This is probably super nerdy because there are a bunch of other things to do/see in Stockholm - but just look at the work for art in the stations! Living in NYC, metros anywhere else are better there here.

The stations pictured below are:

- Stadion (the rainbow)

- Solna Centrum (red with green)

- T-Centralen

There were so many more stations that I didn't take pictures of, but passed through. It's a serious work of art. I would highly recommend if you are in town to just do a tour of the metro and hear about the history behind the art.

Once I pick my first destination, I look on a map and point out places I haven't been yet. Belgium & Hungary have been on my list for a while, although I think I may have been to Belgium when I was one year old with my parents. Then I price out the flights and see which dates would work best with my budget.

Places to See/Things to Do ✴

o Gamla stan (Stockholm Old Town)

o Stortorget - the oldest square in Stockholm where the beautiful yellow & red buildings are located.

o The Royal Palace

o Nobel Prize Museum

o Drottningholm Palace - located outside of Stockholm, but accessible but the metro or a quick boat ride - this castle was built in the 1600s!

o Fotografiska

o Hötorgshallen - food hall/market place with lots of selections and groceries

Restaurants/Foods to Try 🍴

o Pharmarium - this cocktail bar right in the heart of Stortorget was my favorite! Pop in and grab a seat at the bar to visit my new friend, Mike. Or take a seat outside and people watch right in the square.

o Rolfs Kök - this meal was hearty and absolutely perfect for my last night in Stockholm that was super rainy and cold. The bread and butter was incredible and I wish I could've eaten more, but I had to save room for my braised ox cheeks with truffled potato puree.

o Kajsas Fisk - I came across this on Yelp and had to try. It was located on the lower level of the Hötorgshallen. Please note that they are closed on Sundays. Definitely try their famous fish soup, it's light yet filling. The dollop of garlic aioli added the perfect amount of creaminess. I got there when it was the bottom of the container, so it wasn't piping hot - but still delicious! It gets busy in there, but the line moves fast. Wait for the attendant to direct you where to sit or they'll end up moving you mid meal.

o Swedish Meatballs - for my Ikea fans.. this is a must have when you are in town. The traditional Swedish way I had it was with a side of pickles, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes. It was the perfect amount of sweet & savory.

o Kanelbullar - Swedish cinnamon buns! Not only are they really pretty to look at, they are delicious. I'm not a huge fan of cardamom, so I just get the regular cinnamon version.. but I swear you can still taste a tiny bit of cardamon. They're a great, sweet treat or quick on-the-go breakfast. They also don't have a frosting, so it's not insanely sweet.

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