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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

I'm pretty much embarrassed to say (again), that I should've been blogging more about my travels than I have been. I just finished my second solo trip to Europe last month and have yet to finish writing about the final city that concluded my last trip - Venice. So to my two followers, I apologize for taking this long.

I pretty much knew I had to go to Venice before the city sinks, especially since global warming is accelerating the severity. I was in awe when I arrived off the train and headed for the ferry to get to my hotel. But it turned into frustration quickly when I was lugging around my luggage trying to find my hotel.

Luckily, I was there in October and the peak season had just ended. It wasn't nearly as crowded as it normally is during summer/school vacation months.

Because Venice is a city with over a hundred islands, the best way to get around is by The Vaporetto. It's cheap and quick! I purchased a 3-Day travel pass and used the AVM Venezia app on my phone. I'd suggest purchasing a ticket at one of the machines instead because scanning your ticket on the phone was difficult and can be annoying if you are trying to catch a ferry.

Places to See/Things to Do ✴

o Doge's Palace - the Venetian gothic style palace is beautiful. Even if you don't visit the museum, just looking at the palace from the outside is stunning.

o Rialto Bridge - the construction of this bridge started in 1588 and is the oldest of four bridges in the Grand Canal of Venice. Picturesque and famous - it is definitely a sight you can't miss when you are in Venice.

o Libreria Acqua Alta - located alongside a canal, this bookstore is unique and has some resident cats. Head all the way to the back and climb the stack of books built into a stairwell!

o Mercati di Rialto - a great place to grab some fresh produce, fish, or meat if you are staying at an AirBnB or have a kitchen to cook!

o St. Mark's Square

o Saint Mark's Basilica

o The Bridge of Sighs

Restaurants/Foods to Try 🍴

o Suso Gelatoteca

o Cantina Do Mori - this bacaro (wine bar/tavern) dates all the way back to 1462! Not too far from the Rialto Bridge, this is a great place to swing by for a glass of wine and some cichetti when you need to take a break from roaming around. You will find locals and tourists alike. It's inexpensive and fun because the staff and visitors love to socialize there.

o Il Mercante Cocktail Bar - great for craft cocktails when you need to take a break from wine

o Ristorante Rosa Rossa - someone recommended this restaurant to me and it did not disappoint! I highly, highly recommend getting the seafood soup (picture below) as a starter - and whatever else you want for a meal. The seafood soup was the best I've ever had!

o I didn't bookmark any restaurants to try as I love just roaming around and checking out places with appetizing menus. So far, it hasn't failed me yet!

I stayed at the Duodo Palace Hotel, which was very central to everything - yet in a quiet area where it wasn't loud at night. It was safe and had old world, Venetian decor. I loved everything except for my twin sized bed since I haven't slept in one of those in FOREVER. I have to share the keys, as I love the look! It was heavy carrying it in my bag - but you turnkey hotel rooms are rare!

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