📍 Verona | Italy

“For all those who wish for good fortune where they are unlucky..”

I’ve been on a little hiatus because things have gotten super hectic with the holidays and a big work conference in SF that kick started the year. But I am back and the writing and pictures continue!

How could Verona not be on someone’s list for Italy after reading/watching Romeo & Juliet?! As a hopeless romantic, I have always imagined myself visiting Verona one day without knowing when it would actually happen. The city was everything I imagined it to be and more. I didn’t want to leave. I wish I planned more than just two days there.

I loved the location of my hotel right by Verona Arena. There was also a rooftop restaurant/bar with the perfect view. It was also located very centrally by all the shopping and a quick 10 minute walk to Juliet’s house.

Places to See/Things to Do ✴

- Centro Storico

- Piazza Bra

- Piazza delle Erbe

- Arena di Verona

- Torre dei Lamberti

- Casa di Giulietta (It was closed when I got into town - but I ended up walking by later in the evening and they magically opened!) don’t forget to touch her right breast for good luck ❤️

- Ponte Pietra

- Romeo‘s House

Restaurants 🍴

- Osteria da Ugo | I got this recommendation from a local at one of those stores that customize cute children’s items and aprons with your name on it. I feel like I’ve seen one of these stores in every country I’ve ever visited! I wouldn’t have found this restaurant if I didn’t ask. A great tip is chatting with the locals and asking for recommendations because they will suggest spots that you might not even come across. I had one of my favorite meals from this Italy trip at this restaurant. A true, hidden gem!

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