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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

"Let your camera be your art, and its images your history."

Hi everyone! Welcome to my travel blog and thank you for visiting! I've always considered starting a travel blog for as long as I can remember. Although this is not my first attempt at blogging, I hope it will be my most successfully maintained.

For those of your readers who don't know me that well, I recently turned 30 years old this year. Five years ago, I moved from Boston to New York City.. and it turned out to be one of my best, life decisions. My love for travel stemmed from my parents who took me on my first international trip when I was just a one year old. I don't have recollection of this Europe trip - but looking back at the pictures inspired me to do as much travel as I can.

I hope to keep you engaged and offer tips to help with your future trips. Please don't hesitate to leave a note or to ask any questions.

Most of my reviews and recommendations come from my own experiences based on my own research or by a recommendation from fellow travelers [thank you!.. yes, YOU].

FAQs [some of the most common questions I frequently get asked before/during/after every trip I've ever taken]

How do you have so much vacation time?

I plan my trips very strategically, although sometimes I do end up booking some trips at the last minute [if it's a good price!]. So even though it seems I have unlimited vacation time, I unfortunately don't :(.

I work a 9 to 5 job, Monday through Friday. It offers great vacation time - but it will never be enough for my wanderlust lifestyle. The best tips I can offer is to try and plan your trips as long weekends [i.e. take off a Thursday/Friday/Monday/Tuesday] or plan it around a holiday when you get a free PTO day. That way - you can extend your vacation time for more trips!

How do you have so much money to travel?

The answer is, I don't! [or it is never enough]

Between a mortgage, student loans, & credit card bills - I feel like most of my paychecks go towards bills.

I use the Flight Deal and Kayak to search for most of my flight deals. The Flight Deal is great because you can find some really great deals when traveling internationally. And you can play around with dates a bit to see which dates offer the best prices on Kayak. Another great option for last minute trips is GTFO Flights. I have not personally used it, but have heard good things and have seen great prices from the email alerts I receive daily from them.

If it's a trip with a large group of people [4+] - I try to book an Airbnb because the price is lower and it's more fun to be sharing a place with everyone versus separate hotel rooms. The bonus is also the experience. It's almost like you are living in that city in your own apartment.

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